Nicholas John Joseph Taylor - Today 2014 12 17 - 0411

Release: 25th December 2014 or earlier Director/employee overview


1. Why Self-Employment?

I deserve to be in control of my own future, because I am a intelligent and Incorruptible hard-worker who knows how it feels to make massive profits for a Company that both fails from a moral standpoint and also fails to reward high Achievers.

I want to begin a new trend where IT companies can not only steer the business Through stormy weather, but also recognizes and rewards the time and effort of it's Staff, whilst also achieving a high moral standard. I have a bank of my own moot projects, and have chosen as the Best one to begin with. I'm afraid that to serve these projects under the control of an Employer would result in them being used to profit the company's seniors, and not Me.

I have developed a talent for databases and programming, and have found that I turn my hand to new technologies quickly without the need for an employer or colleagues i.e. My first smart phone app took two months to finish.

I wish to be able to share my knowledge, tools and ability to automate my working day Without fear of making myself redundant in the process.

Despite being bound to public transport, I manage punctuality due to years of Experience. There are times where I am unable to avoid being late, but I correct this By communicating with my appointee in good time.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Communication, honesty and high service standards: I listen to what my customers Want to spend their money on and if I can relate to their requirements then I can Produce a web site or system that facilitates what they want.

I will work with them to create a system that works for them.

I will actively encourage and abide by the ideals of civilized society. I.e. no gathering Of private details for sale in bulk, no promotion of indecent behaviour or services, and No exploiting of human weakness.

When designing a system for someone, there will be the preliminary discussion where The customer describes what they want and how much they are willing to pay. This Discussion is broken down into bullet points. From these bullet points a system is Designed, which is usually divided into two sections: The core-system and the User-experience. This design can take anywhere between an hour to a couple of days Depending on complexity.

More often than not, the system will take less time to design and can be compiled to a Project specification document, which will be a component part of the contract Between myself and the customer. The contract has traditionally been supplied by my Employer, and so I will require help in the pricing and contract writing of my services.

When the project is given the go ahead, I will decide on a starting point and create alit of tasks that could potentially last me the week. These tasks will be completed Systematically, and each morning the list will be rethought briefly before continuing.

I Would Endeavour to maintain a 50-50 split between customer projects and in-house Projects, but to begin with I would like to concentrate on making As complete as possible.

I have most experience using: I intend to stick to these as closely as possible.